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  • The heart of this community is rooted in a spiritual awakening! We desire to be constantly so satisfied in Jesus, that we leak his life giving love onto everyone around us.

  • We have a kingdom of God mindset that breaks the chains of sin and brings a peace that surpasses understanding. As we continue to build content, blogs, study tools, communities of believers for accountability, prayer and relationships, we do so with a focus on helping others to experience true intimacy with God.

  • You can direct message. You can also post and have threaded conversations.

  • We continually develop teaching and study material to help you truly walk with God in your daily life. You can speak directly with us and we don't want your money.

  • If you truly want to know God in a more real and tangible way, you hit the jack pot! Welcome. Please sign up for newsletters and study with us and give us as much feedback as possible, so we can be more effective in helping others. your text here...

Here are a few things that make our community special:

Fresh Start for Your Spiritual Journey

person in gray long sleeve shirt holding black pen writing on white paper
person in gray long sleeve shirt holding black pen writing on white paper
  • We want to extend a warm welcome to you! We are thrilled you've chosen to embark on this spiritual journey with us and wanted to further highlight what makes our community even more exceptional.

  • We've cultivated an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding. Here, you won't just find a community - you'll find a home, a place of belonging.

  • We celebrate diversity, recognizing that all our members, old and new, bring unique perspectives and insights which contribute to the strength of our community.

  • We strive to foster personal growth. Alongside collective learning and sharing, our resources extend to support individuals on their personal spiritual journeys.

  • We value connection and communication. Beyond direct messaging and threaded conversations, we regularly engage in meaningful dialogue on various topics around faith and spirituality. Much of the communications are private, but we are working on ways to have more group dialogue and relationship building while protecting people privacy.

  • We offer spiritually enriching events. Our regular virtual sessions and in-person events provide platforms for members to connect, share and learn in a supportive environment.

  • We are physically located in Kansas City. But we are creating tools for virtual community.

  • The essence of our community, though, surpasses these features. Our real power lies within our members - individuals, like you, committed to deepening their spiritual journey, to engage in meaningful conversations and study, to grow in faith, strengthen discipleship, and enrich relationships with Jesus, together. We rejoice at the prospect of our community growing with the addition of each new member.

woman in red shirt holding blue book
woman in red shirt holding blue book

Get Ready To Thrive

Our community is designed to unfold with your spiritual journey. As you delve deeper into the teachings, participate in discussions, and embark on new spiritual experiences, you'll discover your own pathway to inner growth. We are excited to have you with us on this journey!

There's no rush to fit in. Take your time to explore the features, participate when you feel ready, and navigate at your own pace. We're here to support you every step of your journey. Remember, it's your path, your journey, and we are just facilitators ready to help you flourish. We will not bombard you with emails or give your information away. We are only interested in helping you find spiritual riches in your intimacy with Jesus.

man sitting on chair holding and surrounded by people
man sitting on chair holding and surrounded by people

One Step At A Time

Once again, We're Glad You're here

Welcome Home

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